Fundamentals of Telecommunications
Live Instructor-Led Classroom Training

This 2-day workshop provides an overview of the rapidly changing telecommunications technologies and the customer needs they satisfy. Beginning with an update of the telecommunications industry, this seminar defines the services provided by local exchange carriers and long distance companies, followed by the customer voice systems (key, PBX and IP PBX, CENTREX, ACD, CTI, voice response, etc.) and data applications (modems, multiplexers, LAN/WAN, routers, switches, etc.) and how customers employ these systems to solve business problems. An overview of contemporary telecommunications circuits (analog, digital, dedicated, switched, T1, T3, SONET, etc.) helps participants understand customer connectivity alternatives. The move to IP based networks and services like the Internet, ISPs and MPLS will be explored with their impact on the organization.

Technologies like ISDN, VoIP, DSL, cable modems, communications servers, speech recognition, frame relay, fiber optics and ATM are presented along with other emerging trends affecting large and small users. The wireless section explores WLANS, evolving 3G and 4G systems and features, highlighting the growing wireless data and Wireless Web solutions. Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP Telephony technologies and operation will be discussed. Participants will gain new understanding of the telecommunications industry, its products/services and where they fit in customers' enterprise networks.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed as a basic training boot camp for those needing a solid grasp of the structure, operations and migration of the dynamic telecommunications field. Team members and managers in sales, marketing, operations, finance, R & D, legal/regulatory, customer service, IT and systems administration have all benefitted.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand the fast-changing telecommunications industry of the mid-2000's.
  • Clarify the differences between ILECs and CLECs.
  • Understand telephone company and long distance company services and architectures.
  • Demystify hundreds of Telecommunications acronyms and terms.
  • Describe dial-up and dedicated circuit technology and applications.
  • Discuss analog and digital transmissions.
  • Differentiate among transmission media (copper, coax, satellite, microwave, fiber optics).
  • Explore cellular services, including 3G and 4G solutions.
  • See how the SS7 network optimizes carrier architectures.
  • Understand business phone systems (key, PBX and IP PBX, ACD, voice response, etc.).
  • Understand digital transmissions (DS1/E1, DS3/E3, SONET, ISDN).
  • Define data communications applications and protocols.
  • Understand data communications hardware (modems, multiplexing, emerging technologies).
  • Understand the basics of legacy and contemporary LANs - 100 Mbps and up.
  • Discuss LAN and WAN hardware and applications.
  • Explore emerging WAN solutions (frame relay, ATM, etc.).
  • Explore the Internet's components and operations.
  • See how TCP/IP and routers are the foundation of IP networks.
  • Find out how voice (VoIP) goes over IP networks - LAN, WAN and the Internet.
  • Decide if the new server-based phone systems are right for your organization.
  • Understand the myriad of Internet access alternatives — xDSL, ISDN, cable modems, wireless and POTS.

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