Voice over IP (VoIP) Technologies: Issues and Solutions
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The telecommunications industry is evolving in significant ways. Voice, video and data are converging on the IP network. As new technology is constantly introduced and the demand for converged communications infrastructures soars, understanding the key technical concepts driving this modern revolution is essential to success in today's business environment.

This is a highly interactive 2-day workshop covering all the major topics and issues involved in planning, deploying and managing a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution. You will be exposed to the latest packetized voice, TCP/IP, voice transport, and industry best-practices including standardized session protocols (SIP and H.323), converged circuit/IP network architectures, softswitch/IP PBXs, IP phones, gateways, VoIP management, and implementations in a multidimensional learning environment involving lectures and examples. The workshop will focus on applying the theory learned during the first part of the sessions with the practices of network and voice quality management, monitoring, and control of your organization's voice and packet environments. The examples will be oriented towards real-life situations in which the participants can incorporate their own experiences and get answers to questions concerning current problems and issues. During the workshop, the concepts of understanding the "what" and "how" of designing, developing, and installing IP based voice systems will be integrated with the "why" and "wherefore" of sound communication planning and management of internal telephony infrastructures. Issues of preserving existing investments, staged implementations and solutions will be prominent throughout the session discussions to ensure the participant's grasp of making their IP based telephony environments practical, efficient, and cost-effective.

Who Should Attend

Those involved in an organization's information and telephony infrastructure efforts: informational services personnel, telephony administrators, technical support personnel, wireless engineers, data network support personnel and their associated managers and supervisors. In addition, technical and management personnel from organizations that have deployed VoIP platforms, and need in-depth information on how to achieve improved return on investments from packetized voice services will also benefit from attendance.

Workshop Objectives
  • Understand what VoIP and IP Telephony (IPT) are and how they can positively impact an organization.
  • Understand the impact of VoIP on an organization's local and remote operations.
  • Discover the basics of PSTN signaling (SS7, D-channel, DTMF)
  • Discuss TCP/IP technologies including routers and their utilization throughout a data network.
  • Explore both the H.323 and SIP architectures for supporting VoIP.
  • Discuss RTP and RTCP protocols and their roles in VoIP/IPT implementations.
  • Discover the use of related protocols such as MEGACO/H.248.
  • Describe the capabilities of VoIP/IPT server hardware and call management software.
  • Discuss the various vendor VoIP offerings and solutions.
  • Describe codecs standards (G.711, G.729, G.722) used in VoIP and content streaming standards.
  • Learn the impact of QoS (quality of service) issues on voice quality in converged networks.
  • Discuss FoIP (Fax over IP) and its applications.
  • Review network implementation issues and testing.
  • Discuss VoIP management and support challenges.
  • Discuss telecommunications advances and industry trends.

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